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Coming Summer 2017! Distilled Liquor Co. is a fun, boutique liquor store located at Centre Village Mall.

Who we are.
Product. Team. Inspiration.

Distilled Liquor Co. is customer focused and brings experiences to the forefront of the purchase of spirits, beer and wine. The experiences we provide to our customers range from weekly events to an inspiring story about a unique product that ignites the imagination. The way we achieve this is through our educated teams that are passionate about the products we sell. From the latest craft beer to specialty scotch, we aim to have product and staff that will be unparalleled in the Lethbridge market.

How we do it.
Tone. Ambiance. Goals.

Welcoming, warm, down-to-earth and educated are qualities that Distilled Liquor Co. embodies. An internal culture driven to provide an elevated experience for customers through passion for everything fluid. We care about the details, from the spirit to the specialty soda that enhances and elevates the cocktail to the next level. Our goal is to create an inspired and supportive community of like minded people.